Office Vibe

Stiff body, back pain, poor posture, poor blood circulation, weak vision, lack of motivation, fatigue, inner dissatisfaction, stress.

Often office workers complain of a variety of physical problems, emotional imbalance and total discomfort.

This can be changed by building some healthy habits at work, through Yoga we can greatly improve physical health and emotional-mental health of workers.

We, the Yoga Vibe team, offer you training to familiarize employees with the basic elements of the healthy lifestyle and ergonomics of a healthy "office body" / physical ergonomics.

The training is divided into a basic module and two upgrading modules, each of which is self-constructed, focusing on a particular group of problems / general health, physical health, mental health. Each upgrade module provides specialized knowledge and techniques in the field of physical health and in the field of emotional behavioral patterns of behavior and personal motivation.

The training is conducted in a selected module or as a complete program of the three modules. It can be part of an office health program, a corporate program to improve the quality of the work environment or a separate event.

Main benefits:

Participants in the training will also receive:

Basic guidelines for training:

Duration and conduct:
Each module has a duration of 2 hours.
Conduct in an office or in a selected location.

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