The Kinetic Ascent - Myofascial Meridian Sequenced Vinyasa Class with Dylan Werner

Friday, July 31st 2020 - 18:30 pm, Yoga Vibe San Stefano

The Kinetic Ascent - Myofascial Meridian Sequenced Vinyasa Class with Dylan Werner

Dylan Werner is one of the most sought after yoga teachers in the world. Now he is our special guest for one different Vinyasa class. It's not just a vinyasa practice, it's Myofascial Meridian Sequenced Vinyasa class.

This is a 3-hour dynamic Vinyasa class guided through intelligent myofascial meridian sequencing to create a balance between antagonistic lines and self-balancing lines. We focus on stimulating and building fascial properties, increasing strength, and mobility to allow for growth, in a holistic approach that is safe and highly effective. We combine this with spatial awareness, balance, and full-range-of-motion movements to develop kinetic freedom. Ascend towards challenging arm balances and handstands, with options given to modify and play with along the way. This practice is more than just physical; uplift yourself while exploring the balance between the challenge for growth and space for depth.

(3-hour Vinyasa class) All Levels

The training will be held in English.

Price: 100 BGN


The spots are limited! Book your space in our studios. If you want to book online, send us an email at and we will provide you with instructions for payment. Spot is reserved only upon receipt of the full price.

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NB!: Dear customers, please note that due to the limited number of spots for Dylan's classes in Sofia, a paid reservation for them is non-refundable in case you refuse to attend, regardless of the reason.