School of Handstand- Part 1 - Quest for the straight handstand with Dylan Werner

Saturday, August 1st 2020 - 10:00 am, Yoga Vibe San Stefano

School of Handstand- Part 1 - Quest for the straight handstand with Dylan Werner

Without guidance or proper technique, pressing to handstand can feel like an impossible journey, but when alignment, balance, strength, and technique come together, the press handstand can feel effortless. The workshop begins with focused and intense conditioning drills that are necessary for a successful press to handstand, and will also dramatically improve your freestanding handstand. We will cover through lecture and highly specific drills, with and without partners, on how to understand the sensations of pressing, weight distribution, pelvic movement, and lift that will later make you successful in your handstand press. We will also cover other advanced transitions, such as lift and lowers from crow to handstand, crane to handstand, and eka pada koundinyasana to handstand.

(3.5 Hour Workshop) Intermediate/Advanced


The training will be held in English.

Price: 100 BGN


The spots are limited! Book your space in our studios. If you want to book online, send us an email at and we will provide you with instructions for payment. Spot is reserved only upon receipt of the full price.

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NB!: Dear customers, please note that due to the limited number of spots for Dylan's classes in Sofia, a paid reservation for them is non-refundable in case you refuse to attend, regardless of the reason.