Deep Intentions - Workshop with Vio

December 29th, 18:30 pm, Yoga Vibe San Stefano

Deep Intentions - Workshop with Vio

Deep intentions
A special workshop with Vio

December 29th, Sunday, 6:30 pm at Yoga Weib San Stefano Studio
Here comes the time of making new promises, denying old habits and fulfilling desires.
Often, however, these intentions turn out to be without the necessary basis and support for realization and development in the New Year.
Therefore, we invite you to a different class, in which we turn together to the basic principles of yoga, which are deep, but also practical tips for a peaceful, balanced and happy life. We will look at the first steps in Yogic philosophy, which we often overlook and skip, stumbling more toward physical practice. They contain a great deal of wisdom as well as simplicity in which we can easily immerse ourselves and practice with ease and understanding, not only on the mat, but also in our daily lives.
These yoga principles that affect our attitude to the world, our loved ones, and ourselves can be a sustainable foundation upon which to build all new intentions and desires for our future. Knowing and working with this knowledge, we will not blindly make yet another unpaid promises, but will consciously move towards their fulfillment.
For example, when we know how to practice the art of self-observation, with contentment and humility, we free up space for all the good in our lives, and when we approach others with truth and purity in our intentions, we begin to attract the beautiful in our lives. :)
This class is divided into two parts:
The first is in a lecture format that will present the philosophy of the Ten Life Principles, representing the initial steps in yoga. We will discuss the methods by which we can apply them and discuss our difficulties along the way. Everyone will have the time and opportunity to work and think independently on their personal experiences, old habits and patterns, and deep intentions in the future.
Each participant will receive work cards to assist in the process, made by Vio.
The second part involves the Asana practice, in which we will apply the lessons learned for a deeper and more true yoga experience. We will explore our will and authenticity, but without violence and anxiety, until we reach full satisfaction and gratitude.
If you are interested in and need to go deeper into yoga and apply it to your daily routine, then this might be the perfect New Year's gift for you.

Vio is waiting for you with a lot of love and care.
What to invest:
- 2h and 30min from 29.12. starting time 6:30 pm;
- Desire for development;
- Openness to all points of view of the group;
- 30 BGN for lecture, practice and work cards made by Vio.

Spots are limited and you can book your spot only by providing a 100% from the total amount in advance.