Breath Workshop

March 6 & 13, 9:30-12:30

Breath Workshop

Breathing is something we do at least 20,000 times everyday, so it is important we do it right.  In this workshop, you will learn how breath works in the physical body and also on the deeper levels of the energetic and emotional levels as well.  Our breath touches every system in our body from circulation, and digestion, to hormonal regulation and sleep, so if we breathe better, all of our systems are impacted. 

This workshop is designed for both students and yoga instructors.  The awareness you will learn will transform your life on very deep emotional and psychological levels as well as increasing your vitality and health.

For yoga instructors, you will take away from this class techniques for teaching functional breathing to your students.


Price: BGN 120


Payment details:

“Yoga Vibe Sabitia” OOD

Unicredit Bulbank



After payment please send us email to or call 0882375551 

Spots will be limited and group will be small! 

* Training will be held in English. Additional explanation might be provided in Bulgarian.