200-часово обучение за йога учители с Ричард и Шон

Сертифицирано от Yoga Alliance

200-часово обучение за йога учители с Ричард и Шон

Поради големия интерес, YOGA VIBE организира отново сертификационен курс за учители по йога към най-голямата международна сертифицираща организация Yoga Alliance. Ако искате да задълбочите личната си практика, да вдъхновявате други хора и да преподавате йога, този 200-часов йога курс с Ричард и Шон е точно за вас! Курсът е практически, фокусиран върху преподаването и ще се проведе в два периода: от 21 март до 5 април и от 12 септември до 22 ноември през 2020 г. Всички подробности са описани по-долу. Цялото обучение ще се провежда основно на английски език, като допълнителни разяснения ще бъдат правени и на български език.

200 hr Yoga Teacher Training with Richard & Shawn
Certified by Yoga Alliance

YOGA VIBE is proud to host the third 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training certified by Yoga Alliance with Richard Lanza and Shawn Cornelison.

This 200 hour experiential teacher training program has a strong focus on teaching skills.

The training will be in TWO periods:
From 21st of March to 5th of April
From 12th of September to 22nd of November

Wednesdays 19:00-21:30

Saturdays & Sundays 9:30-17:30
Saturdays / Sundays

March 21-22

April 4-5


May 9-10

September 12-13, 26-27

October 17-18

November 7-8, 21-22



March 25

April 8

May 6

September 30

October 21

The program meets all core Yoga Alliance competencies including:

Upon full completion of this program students will be able to establish themselves as full or part time instructors in a variety of setting. Interested candidates must have at least 6 months of dedicated yoga practice of any style.

Graduates will receive Yoga Teacher Certification through Open Doors Yoga Studios, a registered Yoga Alliance program. Registration also includes a lifetime membership to Open Doors Teacher Training Resource Center, an online library of videos and materials specifically designed for the yoga teacher.

The Teacher Training is designed in a way that you don’t have to withdraw from your families and job to become a certified yoga teacher. The program includes 8 weekends (Saturday and Sunday from 9:00-17:30) and 6 week evening classes (from 19:00-21:30). Although there will be lectures and significant amount of theory, this training is focused on the art of teaching - you will learn how to create your own sequence and how to lead a yoga class.

Class schedule will be provided as soon as possible!

Two Community Classes taught by student instructor to be scheduled!

Price for full payment by 1st of March 2020: BGN 3,000

Deposit of BGN 500 is necessary for booking a space! The deposit is then deducted from the due amount. NOTE: The deposit is NONREFUNDABLE in case the participants opt out.

Price for payment after 1st of March 2020: BGN 3,300

For registration and additional info - please call 0882375551 or send an email to home@yogavibe.net

Spots will be limited and group will be small!

Payment details:


* Training will be held in English. Additional explanation might be provided in Bulgarian.